What are Salt Rock Lamps?

Salt rock lamps are a beautiful pink lamp with an orange glow, made from Himalayan pink salt rocks that have been hollowed. They come in many different shapes and sizes. 

Beyond being a beautiful feature to the home, and providing a calming presence. These lamps may also be filled with health benefits. 

It is believed that the salt helps to release negative ions and purify the air that you are breathing. Helping to overall improve mood and sleep

However there is not much scientific evidence to support this theory. 

The best way we have found to clean the air around us, especially since surrounded by so many allergens, is an air purifier. 

Salt rock lamps provide anecdotal benefits. They are calming to look at, providing me with a feeling of relaxation and helping with meditation. 

We keep ours in our living space, far away from our dog because it can be toxic if licked. We also keep our lamp on all day to get the most benefits from it! 


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