Zero waste Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a day of love. A day of celebrating those that you care about. 

It is also a day that produces millions of pounds of waste. Not only are billions of dollars spent on candy, that's a lot of plastic wrappers, those beautiful bouquets of flowers are also harming the planet. The Seattle times reported that nearly 100 million roses are grown in the United States for Valentine's day producing almost 10,000 metric tons of Carbon dioxide emissions. 

Keep reading to learn some sustainable ways to celebrate this day of love. 

1. DIY cards

If you are shopping for a card, chances are they are made of a plastic coated paper, covered in glitter and other microplastics. 

Grab some scissors, construction paper, markers and start decorating. Make your card as silly or heartfelt as you would like. Include a poem, five things you love about them or even a simple knock knock joke.

Creating your own card is a meaningful way to tell someone you love them. 

2. A potted plant

Valentine’s day is famously known for a dozen red roses. However, cut flowers have a hugely negative impact on the environment. Most flowers are grown in industrial size greenhouses, require high water use and contribute to chemical runoff.

Show someone you love them with a potted plant, a gift that will last more than a few days. Having plants in your home cleanses the air, can help to reduce stress and boost creativity. 

3. Plan a date 

An experience to share with someone you love is worth much more than a novelty gift. Create memories together that you will have for a lifetime. 

Some ideas could be a hike with a picnic, a trip to the aquarium, homemade dinner, a craft night or even catching the sunset with some blankets and desserts. Special moments like this will bring you closer with someone you love. 

Remember to slow down and enjoy this special day with those around you. 


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