The benefits of taking a walk

 Living in New York, I like to call this time of the year fool's spring. One day we are welcomed by the sunshine and weather in the fifties, and the next day slapped in the face with a snow storm. 

As the warm weather is slowly approaching us I have been craving more and more time outdoors.

Taking walks is an activity I begin to find myself doing again after a dull in the winter. And it has many amazing benefits for my physical and mental health. 

Any form of physical activity will provide a variety of health benefits. According to the CDC regular physical activity will lower your blood pressure, help manage cholesterol and reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease. 

Our days become so busy that it can be hard to find the time to fit in the recommend thirty minutes of exercise a day. But walking is something that you can do anywhere, any time, with no special equipment or fancy clothes needed. It makes walking the perfect sustainable activity. 

Walking also provides instant mental health benefits. It will help to reduce anxiety, improve depression, and help with better sleep. 

Walking is a weight-bearing exercise, and because of this Harvard health found that it helps prevent against arthritis by keeping your bones and joints strong and lubricated. It also helps to increase your overall muscle strength. 

Whenever I am feeling overly anxious, or my mind won't stop wondering a walk always helps to bring me back to the present and get me grounded. 

Next time your pillow seems to be the only thing that understands you and you don't see a point in getting our of bed, remind yourself that you got this. Put on some sneakers and walk right out the door into a better mood. 

For added benefit try walking with a friend, or a four legged companion to provide some company on your journey.


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